“Beth is the most capable editor I have ever worked with. Not only does she catch your mistakes, she has an impeccable sense of how to edit for clarity. She knows how to sharpen writing while holding onto the writer’s style. She is an ideal second set of eyes for everything I have written.”
Kurt Dusterberg, author of “Journeymen: 24 Bittersweet Tales of Short Major League Sports Careers”

“In Beth’s four years as editor and three years prior to as freelance editor, her tireless work ethic and overall dedication to the magazines were invaluable. Her writing passion shines through, whether it’s a small one-page article or 10-page major project. She’s a tremendous writer. I’d recommend Beth for any writing assignment. Her ability to handle the toughest of deadlines doesn’t affect the quality of work performed.”
David Hughes, President of Weiss & Hughes Publishing, former president of Wake Living and Fifteen501 magazines; current owner of Valpak of the Triangle.

“Elizabeth Shugg initially contacted me about helping her set up a single feature for the publication she was editing at the time. But what started out as one feature grew into an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship between our team and that publication. That relationship is a credit to her creativity and her ability to form lasting partnerships, skills that will serve any client she serves well.”
Mike Sundheim, VP of Communications for the Carolina Hurricanes
Check out Mike’s “The Guy Behind the Guy” blog for the Carolina Hurricanes.

“In the eight years I worked for Beth, I found her praise generous, her temperament patient and her criticism constructive. She put up with my too-long articles with humor, and was always willing to listen and brainstorm if a story headed into an unexpected direction or needed a sidebar. I don’t think I ever looked at one of my articles in print and was disappointed with a choice she made, and as an editor myself, that’s truly unusual.”
Leslie Mizell, Writer

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