Athens Magazine Publishes Story About My Family’s Treasured Land

Athens Magazine May 2011 Cover

I’d like to share a story about my family’s land in Athens, Ga. with you. Athens Magazine was kind enough to publish my story in its May 2011 issue. It begins:

In 1910, Charles and Effie Rowland bought 500 acres of farmland for less than $2,000 where West Broad Street/Atlanta Highway now crosses the Middle Oconee River. A burbling creek meandered through the property, and a verdant meadow stretched across its lower quadrant. 

They named the tract “Beech Haven” to honor its dense population of beech trees, and made plans to build a large summerhouse on a hill overlooking the creek, where cool breezes could blow through the windows. Effie drew up architectural plans to include high ceilings and expansive porches. It was, after all, a summerhouse.

You can download the rest of my Beech Haven story here.

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