Meporter App Takes Hyper Media to New Level: Report and Earn ‘Rewards’

Screenshot of Meporter home page

I just downloaded a new app called Meporter to my iPhone (coming to Android and Blackberry smart phones soon). This app is free and allows me to report news when I see it by taking a photo or video of a newsworthy event, then using the app to post the photo or video with a title, location, category and additional details. Others logged into Meporter can add comments or additional details to the story, as well as share it via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, email and other sharing tools. (I can also share it using these same tools.)

This takes hyper media to an entirely new level. And the bonus: as you post stories, you earn “press badges” that serve to establish credibilty and, as they accumulate, entitle you to rewards. There’s currently no explanation as to what these “rewards” will be, but the concept is clever and may offer a glimpse of the future of news media, as hyper media’s credibility with news producers – and consumers – continues to grow.

Here’s a video explaining how it works.

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