The First iPad-Only Newspaper has Launched: The Daily

For just $.99 a week, iPad owners can now subscribe  to the first iPad-only newspaper, The Daily. Led by Editor-in-Chief Jesse Angelo and Publisher Greg Clayman, The Daily’s tagline says it all: “New Times Demand New Journalism.” Here’s a screenshot of the pre-subscription home page:

Many of the “Writing for Digital Media” course discussions I had with my professor and classmates last semester centered around how newspaper publishers would face the digital media revolution, and now it seems we have our first really good example.

A few features worth noting about The Daily:

  • The Daily offers real-time updates.
  • The photo quality is incredible. Some of the stories feature 360-degree photos.
  • Videos play a prominent role in content; you can see  (and subscribe) to many of them on The Daily’s YouTube channel.
  • The Daily blog enables online social interaction and commentary
  • You can follow The Daily and many of its editors on Twitter

I have a feeling newspaper publishers everywhere are scrambling to introduce their own iPad-only newspapers as I write this.

I don’t have an iPad, but this pushes me one step closer to buying one! If any of you have an iPad and decide to subscribe, let me know what you think.


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