Power Mom – the Consumer Everyone Wants

Thanks to the new media revolution, one consumer group commands more respect from corporations, marketing agencies, publicity professionals and bloggers than any other. Here’s a hint: she was the first person to look into your eyes.

“Hi Mom!”

But it’s not your mother’s media anymore—it’s yours.

Clearly, as moms, our opinions matter not just to our kids. New media trends show they also impact the way companies collect, present and distribute information. Moms trust moms. Companies across all sorts of industries are realizing that moms who blog about the products and services they like—or dislike—impact the decisions of other moms who read those blogs.

Café Mom averages 1,500,000-plus visitors a month. Other heavy hitters like Babble, Divine Caroline and MomLogic clear more than 500,000. Don’t think for a second corporate America hasn’t noticed.

Alongside the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr icons on Great Wolf Lodge’s website you’ll find an “Ask a Mom” icon. Wal-Mart’s Elevenmoms group—which actually consists of 12 moms—features mom bloggers who write about ways to save money. BSM Media in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has developed the Mom Matrix, a system of 18 behaviors “Mom Mavens” exhibit on a regular basis in an effort to engage influential online mom bloggers and social networkers.

Old media merges with new media in Mom Blog Magazine. It’s not a traditional paper magazine since everything is online, but consists of departments (blogging, social media, breaking news, gadgets/technology and more) that contain articles, essays, reviews, interviews, sidebar features and other typical magazine components.

Nielsen Online recently reported that women age 25-54 with at least one child—often referred to as “Power Moms”—represent nearly 20 percent of the active online population. This group is only going to get bigger. And more mobile. Last August mobile media advertising company Greystripe reported that moms who own iPhones make up 30 percent of all iPhone users. There’s even a blog devoted to “iPhone moms”!

Thirteen years ago while pregnant with my oldest child, I never dreamt I would have quite this much influence on anyone other than my own child. Now, three kids and a few wrinkles later, I’m loving the Power Mom revolution. We may not be able to move mountains, but we are clearly moving advertising strategies and public interest into our corner of the world, and that can only make it a better place.

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