Blogical Questions

I’m no blog expert. I like to read them, and when I hit on an interesting topic, I like to write them. I’ve subscribed to a few blogs I know I’ll never read. I’ve also stumbled upon blogs I later wish I had subscribed to. I’m quite certain I haven’t familiarized myself with nearly as many blogs as I could, or should.

Blogs seem to fall under a number of categories. There are a frightfully large number opinion-based bloggers, and some masquerade as fact-based bloggers. Others blend fact with opinion, ask questions and make observations. Then there are those who express emotions, and others who just report facts and news. When bloggers ask questions, they get answers. When bloggers turn an issue upside down, they provoke discussion. Plenty of it!

The purpose of this particular blog post is to ask questions. I’m curious as to how many of you other bloggers or blog-readers categorize the types of blogs you read, and how you determine the role they play in the “blogosphere.” Since blogs are changing the way we obtain information—and giving traditional media outlets a run for their money—I think this would be helpful to all of us.

I categorize my Google Reader content as “news,” “sports” or “blogs.” The blogs section is basically where I put anything that doesn’t fall under news or sports. I’d like to organize it better. How do you categorize the blogs you read so you can save time and hone in on what you are looking for?

2 thoughts on “Blogical Questions

  1. Elizabeth!
    Here’s how I organize my reader. I have my news section, my tech/web section (for tech and Web 2.0 news) and then I have all my blogs divided by region (Durham blogs, Raleigh blogs, Cary blogs) etc. If it doesn’t fall into one of those categories, I put it in my plain Blogs I like category. Not sure that’s much more organized than what you’ve got going on, but it helps me ;o)

    Good luck with your blogging categorization, I agree it is not easy to keep up!

  2. This might seem counteractive especially coming from a blogger herself, but I don’t categorize. I have a set number of favorites that I go to regularly enough that I simply type them in; the rest I just store in my favorites. I figure if the blog is compelling enough to make it there in the first place, that’s good enough for me. I know this doesn’t answer your question, but thought I’d point out my irony anyway. 🙂

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