The Power of “No”

Just-Say-NoMy husband keeps a sign in his desk drawer that has a huge “NO!” printed on it. Why? “When someone asks for something stupid or impossible at work, I hold it up,” he says.

I need this sign. Better yet, I need a necklace I can wear daily with a charm that screams out “NO!” in neon pink (with a smiley face next to it so I won’t feel like I’m being completely rude.)

The fact is, I have no problem saying “yes,” but a big problem saying “no.”

From incessant community organization solicitations to over-the-top professional requests, I say yes more often than I should. My husband will say, “Let someone else do this for once” and I’ll typically respond, “But what if no one does? It won’t get done.”

I do take seriously clients’ needs, charitable church requests or favors for friends, but there will always be those organizations and people who ask for more than they should. I’m learning to say no to them, and it is quite liberating. It also allows me to expend the proper time and focus on the things I say “yes” to.

The power of saying “no” means I am allowing myself to take measured steps toward achieving a goal I’ve already said yes to—whether business or domestic. When I can pace myself through a “yes” job, it becomes a pleasurable experience instead of an overwhelming one. It also helps me aspire to be the best mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend and writer I can be.

So try it sometime. Say “yes” to “no” and find out how the power of “no” can make your life a much more positive experience.

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