Obama TV: ABC Deals Deathly Blow to Journalism

ABC’s hour-long Obama special tonight deals a deathly blow to American journalism. On its face, the network’s decision to dedicate an hour of prime time viewing to “Questions for the President: Prescription for America,” reeks of bias. Then, add in the fact that ABC said no to airing GOP ads during the Obama special and the issue goes way beyond plain old media bias.

This journalism grad is very sad.

For months now, I’ve watched NBC, ABC, CBS and cable news networks coddle the president, with only Fox News appearing to show objectivity. It was refreshing yesterday to see Fox News’ Major Garrett ask President Obama “What took you so long?” to show concern over the Iranian elections. The Pew Research Center’s study showing Fox offered the most balanced coverage of the 2008 presidential election offers further confirmation that the network is at least trying to remain objective.

But I digress… or do I? Is Fox News the ONLY network left that ascribes to the journalistic code of ethics?

This isn’t about politics. It’s about the corrosion of American journalism.

Perhaps the new media’s most important contribution to our world today is the access it provides anyone with an Internet connection to different viewpoints via blogs and forum discussions, as well as the ability to link directly to news sources we trust, instead of relying on primetime nightly news reports for the facts. Makes you wonder, is new media replacing traditional media? Tonight’s Obama special may serve as the turning point. Time—and ratings—will tell.

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