David Letterman is the Big Loser Over Palin Comment

I don’t often blog about politics, but as a mom, I’d like to weigh in on David Letterman’s recent “joke” about Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter. It was, quite simply, offensive, disprespectful and hypocritical. Furthermore, his apology to Gov. Palin’s daughter and her family was long overdue. As if Bristol Palin didn’t already have enough to worry about, Letterman’s vulgar comments were just not necessary and reveal a very ugly side of pop culture. It’s clear to me that Letterman only apologized after receiving pressure from his fans and CBS, so I have a hard time believing he was being sincere. I hope comedians like Letterman (and others) will start viewing the children of politicians as off-limits when it comes to such snide humor.

In my view, Letterman is the big loser here. His ratings will likely go down and CBS will continue to lose ground against the other networks. The moral of this story: what goes around comes around.

2 thoughts on “David Letterman is the Big Loser Over Palin Comment

  1. I was a Letterman fan for many years. Somehow the last few years (during the election up to now) he has lost his ability to do equal opportunity bashing.

    Then the poor taste of the Palin remarks and his inability to come right out with apology soured me even more on him. I, like you thought his remarks were terrible and I hope you keep the pressure on him.

    Thanks for your note. By the way I sent one to his show as well. The last CBS guy that acted like this is covering cow patties in Texas somewhere now.

  2. I agree Chuck. Had Letterman apologized immediately his fans might have forgiven him. Instead, he presented himself as a childish, playground bully who offered up a compulsory apology.

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