Apex, N.C. Welcomes Family-Friendly Peak City Film Festival in November

Two Apex men plan to bring a new kind of film festival to the quaint town of Apex, N.C. this November. Bob Crowley, producer of the event and senior vice president of Convey Ink, is working with John M. Demers, executive producer, to bring family-friendly mobile, short films or new-media targeting general audiences of all ages to Apex as part of the Peak City Film Festival. Rather than target edgy, controversial productions that appeal to a more specific audience, producers are looking for—and expect—general-audience entries from independent producers worldwide.

“We decided on this unique approach to provide something we felt was missing from cinema,” Demers said. “We want to showcase those films providing entertainment, ideas and information suitable for family audiences.”

Crowley says this doesn’t mean all of the films will be “kiddy films.”

“We often miss the point of the so-called Motion Picture Association of America ‘G’ rating, assuming it means a children’s show,” he said. “Many extremely entertaining stories can be told for the enjoyment of everyone.”

Producers will send out their call for entries worldwide during the first week of July, with review and judging periods taking place in Apex this fall, and the juried productions announced at a press conference also to be held in Apex this fall.

Glitz and glamour arrive in town Friday, Nov. 20 when Apex goes Hollywood to host a gala awards reception with red carpets, sweeping searchlights, limousines, and paparazzi. Producers say national and local celebrities have already expressed an interest in attending.

The winning and top-rated productions will be screened for the public all day Saturday, Nov. 21 and the afternoon of Sunday Nov. 22 at two venues in historic downtown Apex. A variety of music and art events are planned in Apex Nov. 21-22 as well.

Supporting events will take place in Apex throughout the summer, including a logo design contest, award design contest, and maybe even a mascot selection contest. Contact Crowley for additional details at rcrowley@conveyink.com.

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