Using My Skills to Help My Community

Communities need writers for a variety of things: newsletters, press releases, web copy, feature stories, blog entries and more. As a writer, I feel a responsibility to contribute not only my time, but often my writing services as well to community organizations and institutions that may not be able to pay me, but that benefit me in other ways.

I feel that contributing my time in various ways is important–whether I am writing a press release for a charitable organization, or just serving as my daughter’s “room mom.” I would like for you–my clients, my potential clients and my peers–to know how deeply I value community service. I am currently involved in the following community-based projects:

– I am helping form Dream 2 Reality, a charitable organization that will serve at-risk children in the area.
– I serve as the Wake County Public School District 8 Board Advisory Council parent representative for my younger children’s elementary school (Turner Creek Year-Round Elementary). I am also the District 8 BAC Secretary.
– I am the newsletter editor for my son’s middle school (Lufkin Road Year-Round Middle in Apex). I also fill in as the newsletter editor for my younger children’s elementary school when the regular editor is “tracked out.”
– I am a “Room Mom” for my son’s 4th grade class and my daughter’s 1st grade class.
– I am a member of my church’s “Caregivers” program, which makes meals for church members who are suffering from an illness, recovering from an illness or have had overwhelming life changes and need meal assistance.
– I am the Court of Honor coordinator for my son’s Boy Scout troop.
– I have created a website called Triangle TRACKS to keep local parents informed of children’s resources and activities in the Triangle.

So, as you consider your freelance needs, please keep in mind that I will offer quality work and a servant’s heart with every project I embark on. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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