Writer Tom Poland Publishes “Forbidden Island"

I couldn’t host a blog without plugging my father’s novel. All bias aside, this story comprises all the ingredients of a bestseller. Exquisite scenery, enthralling action, entrancing mystery and seductive romance will keep you turning the pages to the very end.

What will you find between the covers? Love, dark secrets, murder, betrayal, unrivaled beauty, voodoo, evil, and a do-or-die mission to save what is left of family. Read it and transport yourself to a wild oasis of near-eternal summer where a phosphorescent sea, majestic dunes, green marshes and star-filled heavens will long haunt you. You’ll discover action, adventure and the unexpected wisdom a wild island unleashes on those who dare to step upon its shores. And, you’ll come to know one determined woman, Tyler Hill, from Apex, N.C.

Order your very own copy here. “Forbidden Island: An Island Called Sapelo” makes a wonderful gift, too. Learn more about Tom Poland here.

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